Tasting the flavours of a region means discovering its soul, its essence, its culture. Thanks to a careful selection of natural ingredients and in partnership with some of the finest Apulian producers, Pulia aims to share the culinary stories, traditions and history of the region of Puglia, the heel of Italy.

“We have had breakfast and dinner at Pulia. This is a simple menu and we were told the idea is to eat like you are actually in Italy. Breakfast is NOT bacon and eggs or waffles… Breakfast is healthier and lighter than that, offering avocado salad on toast, a light bagel sandwich, fresh fruit, etc. Do not expect bug plates and tons of food. Expect a healthy portion done right. Each food item we tried offered a perfect bite. The tomato salad tonight (a special) was dressed just enough to accentuate the salad. The pizza ingredients were a harmony of accents. Everything is truly delicious. We are so glad this gem landed in Ventnor!”
Joanne Engel

“Excellent fresh homemade spaghetti, meatballs and thin crust pizza. We enjoyed our dinner there recently and recommend a visit to anyone looking for delicious Italian food at very reasonable prices. Thank you Genaro, Carla and Colleen. See you soon. Mark and Liz”
Mark Kosuth

“Congrats Gennaro, great margharita pizza , Caesar salad, and prosciutto and melon. Went opening night and returning this Saturday . Highly recommend . Stefano – Ocean Club”
Steven D

Atlantic City – 5210 Atlantic Avenue Ventor NJ
Ph. +1 609-727-0395
Mail. antonio.rescigno@pulia.com

Monday to Thursday: 10am – 10pm

Friday to Sunday: 8am – 10pm

548 4th avenue Brooklyn, 11215 New York
Ph. (718) 788-1140
Mail. teresa.davila@pulia.com

Monday to Friday: 7am – 11pm

Saturday and Sunday: 7am – 2am