A journey through the lands of Puglia, a few steps away from the Duomo cathedral in Milan. A large olive wood table at the entrance welcomes the visitors, underlining the true value of sharing, in a place where tradition and innovation mix together in a contemporary style. The flavours from the kitchen recall ancient memories and accompany guests to the genuine Apulian tastes.

A few steps from the London Bridge, a piece of Puglia in the heart of London! Here customers can enjoy the most authentic Apulian culinary traditions, where each product is strongly tied to its territory. An ideal point for all Londoners and visitors who appreciate quality regional Italian food and wine.

Our newest opening of Pulia, in the Puglia region, the heart of Salento, our roots!
At Brindisi Airport, the staff of Pulia welcome visitors with local products, to let them ‘breathe the air of southern Italy’. A pleasant stop for both foreigners and Pugliesi who want to take ‘a piece of home’ abroad.